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Adjustable Recycling Timer

The ART series of adjustable recycling timers control any application requiring a device to be turne..

$89.95 $80.96

Advanced HID Lighting Controller

Advanced HID Lamp Control | High temperature shutdown with selectable delay Combines all of the HLC..

$89.95 $80.96

Atmos./Co2 Controller, Temp & Hum w/photocell

The AIR-4 has all the features of the AIR-3 plus independent temperature and humidity controls and p..

$224.95 $202.46

Atmosphere Controller, Temp & Humid. 15A@120vac

The C.A.P. AIR-2 has the same features as the AIR-1 with the exception of separate temperature and h..

$154.95 $139.46

Atmosphere Controller, Temp & Humidity, 15A@120vac

C.A.P.’s simplest device for temperature & humidity control! The AIR-1 allows you to control the tem..

$154.95 $139.46

CO2 Controller PPM/temp/hum,2-timer,10A@120vac

The C.A.P. CO2-2e combines the three most important controls for your growing area—all in one unit. ..

$284.95 $256.46

Complete Greenhouse Controller w/PPM option

The CGC-1e Complete Greenhouse Controller controls all of the main devices required in today's moder..

$439.95 $395.96

Cooling Thermostat

The TMP-DNe allows you to control the temperature within your growing environment. You can set the d..

$86.95 $78.26

Humidity Controller, 15A@120vac

Increases or decreases the humidity levels in your garden. Compatible with any equipment operating o..

$121.95 $109.76

Light Controller, 15min On Delay timer, 15A@120vac

Designed to protect your expensive HID lights from hot starts, which occurs when your lights are tur..

$79.95 $71.96

Light Controller, 50A@120/240vac w/8-120vac Plugs

The MLC-8X, MLC-8XT, and MLC-8DX Master Lighting Controllers are the best devices for controlling up..

$209.95 $188.96

Non-Adjustable Timer, 3m On/5 Off, 15A@120VAC

The NFT series of preset recycling timers from C.A.P. are the simplest devices available for turning..

$71.95 $64.76