Inline Mixed Flow Fan 12in w/Flanges


Inline Mixed Flow Fan 12in w/Flanges

• Compatible with 4in to 12inround air ducts
• For ventilation systems requiring high pressure, powerful air flow and low noise level
• Casing is made either of durable ABS plastic or polypropylene with low flammability, UV- and corrosion-
  resistant properties
• Special casing design enables easy dismantling of impeller and motor block without air ducts detaching to
  facilitate fan servicing
• Double-speed single-phase ball-bearing motor with thermal overload protection is controlled with integrated
  3-position (low speed/OFF/high speed) speed switch
• Wall or ceiling mounting with a mounting plate
• Ideal solution for mounting into limited spaces due to compact design
• Supplied with factory prewired 120V 8' power cord, ready to plug in

CFM: High 1051 - Low 830

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  • Brand: Blauberg
  • Product Code: BLB12TURBO
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $409.95
  • $368.96

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