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30ml Nutrient Pump

Make your bottles of nutrients and other materials a lot more inhandyin with our Hydrofarm nutrient ..

$1.95 $1.76

32 oz Plastic Sprayer

Add this top of the line spray bottle to your tool collection for the garden, kitchen, garage, or ho..

$3.50 $3.15

32 oz. Sprayer Replacement Head

If you're comfortable using your 32 ounce Hydrofarm spray bottle to saturate your plants with water ..

$0.59 $0.53

4' Tomato Cage - Modular Tomato Tower w/4 Support Rings

The 4' Tomato Tower with support rings is a versitile garden accessory. This tomato cage was designe..

$8.95 $8.06

Bonsai Shears 40mm

Ancient wisdom supports cutting and shaping bonzai trees for peace, stress relief and creativity, bu..

$13.95 $12.56

Bonsai Shears 40mm Titanium

Bonsai Shears with Angled Titanium Blade Ideal for cutting flowers. Titanium blade coating is three..

$17.95 $16.16

Bonsai Shears 60mm

Ancient wisdom supports cutting and shaping bonsai trees for peace, stress relief and creativity, bu..

$13.95 $12.56

Cable Tie 48in Nat.

Zip ties may go by many names—cable ties, cable zips, plastic zippers—and have just as many uses in ..

$2.54 $2.29

Disposable Transfer Pipettes 3

Great for highly accurate, hard to reach measurements, and small doses, Hydrofarm's transfer pipette..

$0.15 $0.14

Electronic Water Timer

The Hydrofarm Electronic Water Timer makes watering your plants a breeze. This single-station analog..

$19.95 $17.96

Garden Soft Tie

Keep your fragile plants in secure comfort to ensure a long, sturdy growth period. Whether you're en..

$3.95 $3.56

GROW!T 2' Bamboo Stakes, pack

Features Natural finish Use indoors or outdoors Strong and durable Lightweight stakes have..

$2.25 $2.03