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Gold Label Coco, 50 Liter Bag

The best buffered coco on the market with a very low EC and is RHP for Horticulture certified. This ..

$33.95 $30.56

Gold Label Hydro Coco 60/40 mix

Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40 is a mix of 60% Gold Label Hydrocorn (clay pebbles) and 40% Coco. The com..

$48.95 $44.06

Gold Label Hydro Coco 80/20 mix

Gold Label Hydrocorn and Coco is an ideal match for high water capacity, lower watering frequency an..

$48.95 $44.06

Gold Label Hydrocorn 36 Liter Bag

Gold Label Hydro Clay Pebbles are manufactured using a mix of the best qualities of pure clay. They ..

$37.95 $34.16

VermiBlend Soil Amendment 1 cu. ft. Bag

Vermicrop Organics VermiBlend Premium Soil Amendment was created for the organic gardener. A rich bl..

$27.95 $25.16

VermiFire Nutrient Rich Potting Soil 1.5cf

Vermicrop OrganicsTM VermiFireTM nutrient rich potting soil doesn't follow trends, it starts them. V..

$28.95 $26.06

VermiPro Soilless Medium 3.8cu ft Bale

VermiPro™ is a soilless growing medium equipped with extremely high porosity which allows for aggres..

$69.95 $62.96

VermiSoil Potting Mix 1.5 cu. ft. Bag

VermiSoil is designed as a complete potting soil for heavy fruiting and flowering plants.VermiSoil's..

$26.95 $24.26

VermiWorm Premium Worm Castings .75 cf

VermiWorm™ Premium Worm Castings are created by Red Wigglers; these are pure Eisenia Fetida castings..

$37.95 $34.16