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Botanicare 1 5/8in Neoprene Insert

Replacement neoprene cloning inserts, 1 5/8in diameter...

$0.56 $0.50

Botanicare 2in Neoprene Insert

Replacement neoprene inserts for Power Clone. 2in diameter...

$0.58 $0.52

Botanicare 3'x6' Bench

3 foot by 6 foot bench for use with 3' x 6' grow trays and flood tables...

$202.75 $182.48

Botanicare 360 Degree Clone Spinner

Ideal for rooting cuttings aeroponically, this Spinner comes with a male thread for a secure no-leak..

$1.45 $1.31

Botanicare 5in Neoprene Insert

Botanicare Neoprene Inserts, 5in, pack of 25 NOTE: the unit of measure on this item has been change..

$2.02 $1.82