General Hydroponics

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General Hydroponics 1-1/4in Reservoir Filter

1-1/4in reservoir filter for Aeroflo systems. Prevents media debris from returning to reservoir. Use..

$7.59 $6.83

General Hydroponics 65 Gal Lid 38inx43inx1in

Good 2 Grow Trays are designed with an effective grid pattern for superior drainage and root protect..

$59.07 $53.16

General Hydroponics Aeroflo 60 panda res. lid

Reservoir lid for the Aeroflo 60 Panda Reservoir.  White top attracts heat.  Black bottom helps repe..

$102.30 $92.07

General Hydroponics Covert Tank (66 Gallon / 250 Liter)

Covert Tanks are portable, lightweight and are ideal for use as a hydroponic barrel, or for water st..

$118.72 $106.85

General Hydroponics Panda 40 gal Reservoir with lid

40-gallon Panda reservoir for GH Good to Grow systems. Includes cover...

$219.17 $197.25

General Hydroponics Panda Reservoir Lid, 40 gal

Panda Reservoir lid. Fits 40-gallon Panda reservoir. Minimizes evaporation of nutrient solution and ..

$92.00 $82.80

General Hydroponics Panda Reservoir w/o Lid, 40 gal

The GH Panda reservoir is 40 gallons. It has a white exterior (which reflects heat) and a black inte..

$142.00 $127.80

General Hydroponics Snapstand Dovetail 90 degree

This is the 90-degree dovetail support for the Snapture Snapstand. Our Snapstand is specially design..

$3.79 $3.41

General Hydroponics Snapstand Foot Base

This is the foot base for the Snapture Snapstand. GH's Snapstand is specially designed for strength ..

$4.79 $4.31

General Hydroponics Snapture 4x4 Tray Stand

Snapstand is specially designed for strength and is literally a snap to assemble. The custom Snapsta..

$90.00 $81.00

General Hydroponics Snapture Snapstand Cross Fitting

This is the cross fitting for the Snapstand. Our Snapstand is specially designed for strength and is..

$4.79 $4.31