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Grodan Black Hydro Bucket w/o Elbows

This bucket is designed for growing systems using loose media such as clay pellets (Hydroton), GRODA..

$7.17 $6.45

Grodan Dutch Leach Tray 6x40

6in x 40in tray holds 6in slabs. (Elbows and end-cap not included.)..

$15.35 $13.81

Grodan Dutch Leach Tray Kit, 6x40in

A popular do-it-yourself slab system choice. The 6in x 40in tray holds 6in slabs and comes with 2 el..

$18.95 $17.06

Grodan Dutch Pot Elbows

Elbow connectors for Grodan Dutch Pot hydroponic system...

$0.98 $0.88

Grodan Dutch Pot w/2 elbows Black, 9inHx12inLx10inW

Use the Dutch Pot to make your own hydro system. Simply sit it over a drain channel and fill it with..

$9.95 $8.96

Grodan Leach tray components

This component kit for our Leach Tray helps you configure Dutch Leach Tray buckets to drain into the..

$2.95 $2.66

Grodan MaxiPot Black, 11.4inHx9.64inLx9.64inW

These sturdy, sleek containers are made in the Netherlands for the commercial greenhouse industry. T..

$5.30 $4.77

Grodan Mini Hydro Bucket w/out elbows

Mini Dutch Pot dimensions: 9inH x 9.5inL x 9.5inW. The Mini Dutch Pot's more compact size is great f..

$10.50 $9.45

Grodan Rose Bucket Black, 10inx7.67inx 7.67in

Use the Rose Bucket for Hugo, mini-cubes, or any other loose potting mix. Each pot features four hol..

$4.22 $3.80

Grodan The Giant Pot

The Giant holds about 1 gallon more than what is commonly known as a 5 gallon nursery pot.It is a ni..

$6.66 $6.00