Induction Lamp 400W 3100K


Induction Lamp 400W 3100K

Replacement induction lamp for Induction Grow Light (IN400FS/IN400PS).

Features of induction lamps/systems:
• Long lumen maintenance—90% output at 70,000 hours
• Energy efficient—consumes 50% of conventional lighting systems
• Long life—100,000 hours
• High lumens per watt output 
• Maintenance costs—go 10-20 years without a change-out
• Lower heat output—reducing cooling costs
• High color rendering index—85 CRI
• Color temperature 3,100K—perfect for flowering 
• Low starting ignition temperatures 
• -40º F—good for colder applications
• Instant re-strike—no warm up needed
• inInstant-onin capability—can be used with photocell or motion sensor
• No flickering or glare 
• Quiet operation
• Environmentally safe
• UL recognized

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  • Brand: Hydrofarm
  • Product Code: IN3100KL
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