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Phantom 315W CMH Ref Unit

Phantom 315W - Ceramic Metal Halide Reflector For an intense downward light pattern, the PHR3150 is..

$157.95 $142.16

Phantom 6in AC Double Ended Ref Unit w/Lens

Super compact, double-ended reflector! The Phantom DE reflector will supercharge your grow room by ..

$179.95 $161.96

Phantom 6in AC Ref Unit w/Lens

Ultra-wide light delivery in a super compact reflector The Phantom 6in AC proves that good things c..

$169.95 $152.96

Phantom Lens System, PHR3150 Reflector, Lens w/Flange Kit

For the ultimate in air-cooling for your Phantom CMh reflector, pick up this optional cooling kit wh..

$34.99 $31.49