Novozymes Actino-Iron 9oz


Novozymes Actino-Iron 9oz

Actino-Iron is a unique granular soil additive that combines the Actinovate organic fungicide with organic iron and humates.

Actino-Iron is a professional product that is used by thousands of commercial greenhouses, nurseries and landscapers for controlling root diseases and providing long term greening. Turn retail potting soil into professional grade by adding Actino-Iron.

Benefits of Actino-Iron
• Cures iron deficiency
• Promotes bigger, lusher plants
• Blend into potting soil
• Excellent top dressing for lawns
• Non-phytotoxic (will not burn plants)
• Use less fertilizer and less chemicals
• One 9-oz. bag mixes with 3 cubic ft. of potting soil

For Vegetable & Ornamental Root Rot Diseases
• Pythium
• Phytophthora
• Rhizoctonia
• Verticillium

For Lawn Disease
• Brown Patch (Rhizoctonia)
• Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia)
• Pythium Blights
• Take-all Patch (Gaeumannomyces graminis)

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