Arborjet Aza Sol Single Pack


Arborjet Aza Sol Single Pack

Broad Spectrum insect control derived from the Botanical Plant Neem. This patented product, is the only Neem based insecticide that is a 100% Water Soluble Powder. AzaSol is an Anti-feedant, Repellent and Insect Growth Regulator. It can be used on indoor and outdoor plants, food crops, trees, shrubs and turf and it can be applied through spray, drench, injection and more. After application, there are Zero days to re-entry and Zero days to Harvest! Used For: Caterpillars, Whitefly, Mealy Bug, Aphids, Gnats, Psyllids, Borers, Scales, Turf Insects, Beetles, Weevils (including Palm), Leaf Miner and more.

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