Luster Leaf

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Luster Leaf Rapitest 4 Way Analyzer

Measures four different levels for fertilizer, light, moisture and pH. Includes instructions and gui..

$37.95 $34.16

Rapitest Digital Plus Soil pH Meter

The Rapitest Digital Plus Soil pH Meter is programmed with plant pH preferences for over 400 fruits,..

$29.95 $26.96

Rapitest Digital Soil pH Meter

Plants need the correct pH level which controls how well plants utilize the nutrients available in y..

$14.95 $13.46

Rapitest Mini pH Tester

Tests the acidity of soil. Check which plants suit your soil. Enables you to alter soil conditions. ..

$8.95 $8.06

Rapitest pH Soil Tester

Kit includes: color comparator, 10 pH test capsules, complete instructions for adjusting soil pH and..

$5.95 $5.36

Rapitest Soil pH Meter

Instantly tells you how acid or alkaline your soil is. Check which plants suit your garden. Enables ..

$22.95 $20.66

Rapitest Soil Test pH N,P,K

Kit includes: 4 color comparators, 40 test capsules, 10 each for pH, N, P and K, complete instructio..

$18.49 $16.64